Free MBOX to Outlook Converter – Find Out What All Challenges You Could Face & What to Do About Them! | OLM to PST Converter Software

Free MBOX to Outlook Converter – Find Out What All Challenges You Could Face & What to Do About Them!

Looking for free MBOX to Outlook converter? You should read this article and find out what are all the challenges you could face and what to do about them.

MBOX to Outlook converters have the task of Importing MBOX to Outlook into PST files, where PST is a format for Outlook and MBOX is a generic file many email clients support. Most commonly, MBOX is associated with Mac Mail and Mac based email clients but also Google offers users to download their data in a file with MBOX extension.

If you too downloaded your data from Google services like Blogger or Gmail, you must have those data in an MBOX file. Now, if you are a Windows Outlook user, you cannot just import MBOX into Outlook as it is not a supported format. Only PST (short for ‘Personal Storage Table’) can be imported into Windows Outlook.

And this is where a good, professional MBOX to Outlook converter can help you with that.

Most often, the free MBOX to PST converters have a terrible interface that can make the task painful, if you know the background terms associated with email migration. The improper implementation of UI elements makes it confusing and daunting and sometimes undoable for basic home users.

Another major setback with free and ordinary MBOX to Outlook PST converters is how they are set up to extract contents. No matter where you have got your MBOX file from, it certainly contains complex and intricated informational items, like headers, Unicode text, and more. All these items can be tough for sloppy algorithms to detect and convert. And that’s who most converters are built – sloppily, without any consideration to the important and complex information they could be storing.

Thirdly, free MBOX to PST converters don’t have any controls/options that you can use to personalize the output files according to your needs. Suppose, you have a massive sized MBOX file, which would in turn make the output PST file too big as well. Large PST files can be hard to import to Outlook, and free converters don’t allow any workaround this major complication.

Not to mention that most free tools are not really free but are loaded with malware, adware, and other risky additional stuff. They have no support of any kind and are often from unknown sources. Their interfaces are filled with ads and unwanted applications that you cannot avoid.

All in all, it’s a bad choice to go with free MBOX to PST Outlook converter, no matter how enticing it may sound. Even if you have a small set of folders in MBOX that you want to import to Outlook or to PST, you are well off by not choosing a free conversion utility.

You could try the manual approach (based on an IMAP email account that could sync the data back from the servers to the local client). If you are in mood of giving too many hours and will be okay with few integrity errors, manual approach can be for you. But considering you are on this page, you are the kind of person that is not gonna be happy with the errors and all the nuisances that can easily be avoided by professional tools.

If that makes sense to you and you agree with that, you will find “Mail Passport Pro” wonderful for your needs. It’s actually a complete solution to convert all popular file formats based on Mac email clients (like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, etc.) and files like MBOX and EML to PST files.

Mail Passport Pro

Along with that,One can easily Import MBOX to Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2011 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 & Office 365 for both Mac and Window Outlook easily. It also comes with plenty of features to control the output according to your needs, with advanced logic to convert each and every element inside the MBOX files, with an intuitive and interactive interface, and a 24 x 7 customer support.

You can download the free trial version to see it for yourself.

how to import OLM files to Outlook PST without requiring any past experience | OLM to PST Converter Software

how to import OLM files to Outlook PST without requiring any past experience

This post is created for every one of the readers who have been enquiring about how to import OLM files to Outlook PST without requiring any past experience. I have received this inquiry such a number of times that I at last chose to find a response to this issue which is constantly troubling every other outlook mac client.

When I began the quest for an OLM to PST converter which can import outlook OLM files to Outlook PST without any difficulty, I found that the choices were too much. I was astounded to see that the quantity of OLM to PST converters had risen so much in the last couple of years. Possibly the explanation behind this was the developing mindfulness among users or it was only the possibility of the better PST prospects that attracted the mac clients to change to the solid windows PST environment.

Following a couple of days of research, I presumed that the most ideal approach to securely import OLM files to Outlook PST without inviting much trouble, was the utilization of expert tools that were especially proposed to make OLM to PST conversions feasible for basic email users. This drove me to limit my inquiry among expert methods.

The last answer: the OLM to PST converter pro

As it would turn out, I didn’t need to go through so much trouble after I realized that the device I was searching down must be a certified tool originating from a solid and professional foundation. Acclaimed in every one of the surveys and among clients, I found the OLM to PST converter pro by Gladwev software, the best technique to securely and easily import OLM files to Outlook PST.

I am posting some of the reasons and other features that persuaded me that there is no tool which is better for OLM to PST transformations other than the OLM to PST converter pro.

–        Ability to be easily set up

The best thing about this tool is that anyone can install it in less than a minute by following step by step instructions. One can start importing OLM to PST immediately after the installation is done, without any troubles.

–        Step by step conversion

The OLM to PST converter pro is believed to be the simplest and most straightforward method to make safe and fast OLM to PST outlook import. Even a child can follow the steps provided by a helpful wizard so that no confusion is created.

–        Attractive and simplistic user interface

The OLM to PST converter pro sports a vivid yet simple user interface that is absolutely clutter free and gives an impression of cleanliness and austerity. You will find every feature, skillfully located and not hard to understand. This is one of the major profits of using the OLM to PST converter pro.

–        100% safety guaranteed

The OLM to PST converter pro is also the safest way to import OLM files to Outlook PST without having the fear of any data loss. The tool proudly claims 100% data protection from common issues like corruption or file modification.

Also, 100% accuracy in results is another reason to consider the OLM to PST converter pro if you want to effortlessly and effectively import OLM to PST outlook without having to be a professional.

I personally liked the OLM to PST converter pro, but I recommend all users to try the tool for their own satisfaction. Make sure to comment here for feedback on how the tool worked for you. Good luck.

Mac Mail to PST Conversion Made Simple Yet Efficient for Both Basic and Advanced Users! | OLM to PST Converter Software

Mac Mail to PST Conversion Made Simple Yet Efficient for Both Basic and Advanced Users!

If you recently switched to Windows from Mac OS, you might be having few trouble settling in. Both operating systems have some significant differences in all areas of computing. But the worst part is not getting comfortable in new OS but in the actual transition phase. And in that phase, includes the daunting process of moving your data across email clients.

Today, we are talking about one particular job that users face when they switch from Mac to Windows. It relates to transferring your emails from Mac Mail (default and built-in email client for Mac OS X users) to Outlook client for Windows from Microsoft.

No matter how many emails you have in Mac Mail, the task of getting all of them into your Outlook can feel massive and threatening, especially to basic users or beginners.

Here are few techniques you can get this through with:

1. Add a new, dummy email account to Mac Mail, and sync the local data in Mac Mail to that email account servers. Add the same account to Windows Outlook and then sync the data from the servers to the local Outlook database. This is not particularly about converting Mac Mail to PST file as no file is involved, but the result is the same.

2. You can drag the folders from Mac Mail and drop them to your Mac desktop. This converts the folders into .MBOX extension. You can then employ a third-party file MBOX to PST converter, where PST is the file format used by Outlook to import data.

3. You can convert the entire “Mail” database folder directly to PST, instead of using MBOX to PST converter. This approach is similar to the 2 nd one, however, with this method, you don’t need to have MBOX files.

Often, users would try to go with the first method. It doesn’t require installing any third-party installation on their computers. It is manual and thus free. But if you can’t notice the process in enough detail, here’s what you should know: it requires a high internet connection to sync the data (twice), it requires an email service that allows storing data with the size equal to what you have to migrate to Outlook, it is slow, tedious, and often doesn’t move emails with their integrity preserved.

Naturally, the manual approach is not something you should choose to go with if you value the important details on your emails (like images, headers, metadata, attachments, etc), or if you value your time.

The second approach requires a third-party converter to convert MBOX to PST files. But to actually drag and drop folders into Mac desktop to convert them to MBOX files in the first place is time-consuming. You have to drag each folder individually. For users with massive databases, it can get virtually impossible to do so.

This brings us to the third technique of getting your data from Mac Mail to Outlook by converting the ‘Mail” directory into PST files directly. And fortunately, there are tools that could let you do that with efficiency and accuracy you desire.

One of the best Apple Mail to PST converters is “Mail Passport Pro” from Gladwev Software. It has a simple UI, advanced algorithms, and a tech support that could make it a breeze to transfer your email data across the email clients in question.

The tool allows you to simply load the entire “Mail” folder where Mac Mail stores all your contents. You don’t need to manually do anything else, like archive data into MBOX or other similar files. Just go to ~/Library/Mail and copy the folder to some external hard drive and bring it into your Windows PC. Launch “Mail Passport Pro” and load it up.

This is much simpler than any other methods you can find on the internet.

Not only is it simpler, it also results in far more precise data conversion, since the manual steps are almost zero. And the tool runs its dedicated and progressive data extraction logic to get each and every complex item from the database, including non-English characters and metadata. It also supports mapping the entire folder hierarchy correctly to PST files.

So basically, without putting too many efforts, you can simply get the data moved back to Outlook while also keeping the integrity and the original architecture intact.

This makes “Mail Passport Pro” a perfect solution to convert Mac Mail to PST for both beginners and even IT professionals who need to convert enormous number of emails in quick time.

Download the free trial setup of “Mail Passport Pro” to give it a shot now!

The tech support of Gladwev Software, the company who developed the utility, will help you answer your queries or to resvolve any problem you might be facing before or during data conversion.

OLM to PST Converter Pro vs Ultimate Compare License and Pricing | OLM to PST Converter Software

OLM to PST Converter Pro vs Ultimate Compare License and Pricing

OLM to PST Converter License and Pricing

The answer to all OLM to PST Conversion related problems is OLM to PST Converter by Gladwev. The tool’s cost-efficient and productive technology relieves customers of all of the OLM to PST Conversion related problems and executes the task in the most professional manner.

The tool is certified which reflects its potential to convert and secure Outlook for Mac database simultaneously. It compatibility with every component of Outlook for Mac database helps in absolute completion of the task. The tool also takes care of the post-conversion process by retaining the original folder hierarchy.

Also Read:

OLM to PST Converter licenses to suit customers’ budget and needs. They are as follows:- 

US$ 39 and 49 – For these price you can get the Individual License of OLM to PST Converter Pro and Ultimate respectively. The individual license has been designed to specifically help you in your daily  OLM to PST Conversion requirements. This license allows for multiple mail accounts conversion and can be installed on 2 machines.

US$ 59 and 79 – for this price, you can get the household license of  OLM to PST Converter Pro and  OLM to PST Converter Ultimate respectively. This tool also grants multiple mail accounts conversion and comes with Mac/Windows Pre-loaded. What differentiates it from the individual license is its range of 10 machines.

US$ 199 and 299 – For these prices, you can get for your new new office unit, or your new start-up employees or your company’s technician group – every group under the magnitude 100 – the ‘corporate’ license of  OLM to PST Converter Pro and  OLM to PST Converter Ultimate respectively. The license suits the corporate environment and aids in every way possible to enhance synchronisation among employees. It grants bulk mail conversion and comes with Mac/Windows license pre-loaded.

US$ 499 and 799 – these prices can get you the Enterprise license of OLM to PST Converter  Pro and Ultimate. This license suits big corporations and their workforce because of its large cover range which can cover up to any magnitude. It also allows for bulk mail conversion to suit the time shortage of big corporations and comes with Mac/Windows license included.

Download Now

Get it here: /

OLM to PST Converter is a onetime investment because Gladwev offers free life-time updates to this tool’s licenses. There is absolutely no need to panic or worry about the future OLM to PST Conversion problems. Once, you buy a licensed version of OLM to PST Converter and join Gladwev family, your every OLM to PST Conversion problem will be taken care of.

OLM to windows to PST Conversion | OLM to PST Converter Software

OLM to windows to PST Conversion

In the event that one tries to look into the present pattern of email conversion, he would say that it is all great and things are working fine after the introduction of third party email converters. Yet, everything has two sides and we expect you, as clients to know each side of a process that matters to practically every email client who manages email information and applications.

Outlook mac and Outlook for windows are two winning applications for email administration and organization, on the other hand, as technology advances, individuals get more mindful of their needs and tend to keep what is the best and dispose of the rest. This is additionally valid on account of email conversion.

Why did OLM to windows PST conversion start?

Following the coming of both the tools, the time distinction in their launch was one year, when Outlook for mac was out in 2011, outlook windows 2010 had officially settled its name and worth among clients. Also, being windows based, it was very available and savvy, while being usable by even the most widely recognized PC clients.

What the OLM outlook clients needed.

While then again, the outlook for mac client came a year late and was given over to mac outlook clients as some sort of compensation for what they requested. However, soon mac clients understood that mac outlook does not have the principle highlights which they fancied while comparing with the windows outlook application.

They looked to convert their OLM files to PST and shift their whole mailbox to windows outlook since mac outlook did not offer the essential prerequisite of PST files which had the biggest data storage limit and were more general like MBOX files. This is the principle motivation behind why clients began to find approaches to convert their OLM files to PST format.

No need for manual conversion

After individuals considered shifting OLM files to PST, they needed to manage the truth of the prospect. At to begin with, clients needed to convert OLM files to PST with manual strategy that required moving one document at a time. This was a vocation that just expert clients could do however that too with no confirmation. This brought about infrequent data misfortune and file debasement which annoyed a ton of clients and made email conversion an unnerving prospect for a client who didn’t have a top of the line budget or proficient help. So there came a requirement for a device which could do it for a client lastly to end all the inconvenience for the last time.

OLM to windows PST conversion Tool

The OLM to PST converter pro came after everything failed and as the friend in need for a large number of lost mac clients who had no involvement with the email transformation process and made their lives simpler so as to demand a streamlined arrangement that all clients could manage the cost of and work with.

The OLM to PST converter tool is the first expert tool that gives to the regular mac client who doesn’t have specialized information and makes it workable for all clients to move their files like pros and without the past high cost of data loss and cash.

Attempt it for free

The OLM to PST converter pro is currently accessible in a free form so you can find its actual worth. Try not to miss the chance of having creative email change in your grasp and appreciate the power of thorough email conversion. Attempt it today and feel the difference.

Convert EML file to PST for Microsoft Outlook | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert EML file to PST for Microsoft Outlook

Migrating from EML file to PST (Microsoft Outlook) is super easy with Mail Passport Pro or Mail Passport Lite.

Mail Passport Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML to PST for Microsoft Outlook.

Mail Passport Lite – Convert MBOX & EML file to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook.

Read More: or


Convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 (PST data file) | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 (PST data file)

To convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 supported PST file format, try Mail Passport Pro. It is an email converter tool to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX & EML file format to PST file for Microsoft Outlook.

Try Now:


About Us | OLM to PST Converter Software

About Us

GLADwev Software is a global provider of email migration solution and software. Write us at [email protected]

Our Product List:

Mail Passport Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac 2011/2016 (OLM file), Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML to PST file format Microsoft Outlook.

Mail Passport Lite – Convert MBOX & EML file to PST for Microsoft Outlook.

OLM to PST Converter Pro – Convert Mac Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM) to PST file for Windows Outlook.

OLM Converter Pro – Convert Mac Outlook 2016 / 2011 to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

PST Converter Pro – Convert Outlook PST file to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

Mail Exporter Pro – Convert Apple Mail to Entourage, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

Convert OLM files to PST Without Any Hassle | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert OLM files to PST Without Any Hassle

Have you searched everywhere and asked “how do I convert OLM to PST?” Have you been through the frustrating process of looking for tools to effectively convert OLM to PST? Have you been successful yet? The odds of finding a perfect tool in such a huge place are very low. So if you want to move OLM files to PST with an expert email converter, you need to act wisely and choose only the best products after ample research.

How many times have you asked “how do I convert OLM to PST?

Most of the email users are found to be searching for reliable ways to transfer OLM to PST. But in a time of such growth and intensity of technology, the number of email conversion tools is rising rapidly without control. Therefore, the possibility of finding faulty tools instead of worthy and dependable tools is higher.

To avoid the situation of data loss and file corruption, users must play wisely and choose only professionally created email tools which are specially designed to convert OLM files to PST at high speeds with reliable results.

Have you found your ideal tool to transfer OLM to PST?

If you have been in search of a reliable and cost efficient tool which can convert your OLM files to PST with high safety, then you are lucky to be at the right place. We have developed the OLM to PST converter pro as a permanent solution to all your email conversion problems.

The tool is capable of converting OLM to PST while being able to guarantee the safety of your email data along with blazing fast conversions. And all of this is made available at the most economic rates to ensure that the software is available for all classes of customers.

The OLM to PST converter pro is loaded with high performance features which make it the best OLM to PST converter.

Some of the features of the OLM to PST converter pro are listed below.

  • Highly efficient OLM to PST transfers with 100% rate of precision for flawless quality.
  • Lightning fast email conversions from OLM format to PST.
  • 100% guarantee of data safety. None of your files are harmed in any way.
  • OLM to PST conversion in bulk mode, with full accuracy at high speeds.
  • Convert OLM to PST while preserving all your previous email attachments with data like contacts and calendar events intact.
  • Preserve the folder hierarchy of your previous email client.

The OLM to PST converter pro is made available at such a price that anyone can purchase it easily.

You can try the OLM to PST converter pro for free!

Download the free trial version of the OLM to PST converter pro to enjoy the services of our product for free. You can test the tool and run it to its full performance to see if you like the performance.

If you like the way the tool works, you can go ahead and order the affordable full version of the tool.

If you have searched long enough for the best OLM to PST converter pro, your search is over. Because this is it.

      Try the tool today and feel the power in your hands.