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eml to pst conversion tool

EML to PST Conversion, Improve it to its best possible state!

EML to PST conversions can be tough. The process where your data is on the line is never easy to sit through. Especially, if there is a high chance of that data getting damaged. Sadly, that is the case with normal EML conversion processes.

Migrating data can be harder than you imagine. There are many layers to the process. There is extraction, conversion and then restoration involved. These kinds of processes are technical in nature. And to do these technical tasks you’ll need help by your side.

When it comes to EML to PST Conversion, Help comes in Many Forms

Help in the case of EML to PST conversion refers to the external method you choose to get the job done. The lack of a direct way of carrying out the conversion process is the main reason for this shift. It comes down to the user to decide how he or she is going to approach the conversion process.

There are manual methods of conversion that you can go for but a disclaimer, they don’t work. They fail to keep up with the growing data problems of today. Large complex volumes of data become too hard for them to handle.

The other and the preferred way is the way of third-party converter tools. These converter tools are modern day solutions that help you with the growing data problems. They are supported by different latest technologies and that is what gives them the required power, precision and accuracy.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Perfect Companion

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software makes the perfect companion for your EML to PST conversion process. The tool supports a power packed feature list. The combination of all the best features in the business is what makes the tool so great.

It delivers consistent exceptional performances. This elevates your conversion process to the next level. This is also the reason that it is preferred by the top experts around the globe rather than any other conversion solution.

Batch Conversion of Files

Batch Conversion is a very important feature of the tool. It allows the tool to make your EML to PST conversion more efficient without compromising with the other aspect of the process.

Batch Conversion feature allows you to convert multiple files in a single go. The tool treats each file with the same accuracy, precision and safety that it would have if it was converted alone. This makes the process much quicker and efficient.

Retain the Folder Hierarchy

Messed up folder hierarchy of the output files can put a dent in your post conversion plans. The process of EML to PST conversion can become tough to handle for substandard conversion solutions. Therefore, they end up messing up the folder structure of the file.

This converter tool handles the process very well. It not only safely and accurately converts your data but also retains the folder structure of the input files. Thus, making it a win-win situation for you and easier to carry out your post conversion operations.

The free trial of the tool provides you with deep insights to the tool. Download your copy today.

How to Export Mail to PST

How to Export Mail to PST in Mac (Easiest of All Guides)!

‘Mail’ or as previously known as “Apple Mail”. It is an email client in all the Apple based operating systems like MacOS, iOS, and even watchOS. It offers complete range of features for the emailing needs. But if you want to migrate data to Windows Outlook, there is no way to export it to PST from inside the email client. You need to get a third-party solution that can convert or export ‘Mail’ to PST on Mac directly.

A large number of such data converters are for Windows operating system, not MacOS. That can make the process more complex and lengthier.

The tool to export Mail to PST

But here’s the good news. “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software is the exact application software you need.

It can convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML and MBOX to Outlook supported PST file format.

Export Mail to PST

Below is the easiest of all guides on how to export Mail to PST in Mac directly using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. It is so simply anyone can follow along and convert the data with convenience. Other than the straightforward way of data migration, the tool also provides the accuracy and data security that is often compromised with email migration of any kind. You can not only export ‘Mail’ to PST files quickly but also do so without putting the details and integrity of files at risk.

How to export Mail to PST in Mac?

Here is the tutorial or guide for Mac Mail to PST conversion guaranteed to be the easiest one of all that’s available today for the task.

  1. Click the download link below to download “Mail Extractor Pro.”
  2. Open the setup file and follow the instructions to install it.
  3. Once installed, start “Mail Extractor Pro” from the programs
  4. Click on “Load” and select either of the two input options, which apply to you
    • Either select the autoload option to automatically select the default and primary database to convert to PST
    • Or, select the ‘Open’ option to select other databases from other locations, such as backups.
  5. Select the folders inside the database that you want to export to PST.
  6. Specify the maximum size for the output PST file. The tool automatically splits them if they cross the max-limit.
  7. Click “Convert” and choose the location for the tool to save the converted PST files.

There are no simpler ways to export or convert Mail to PST files in MacOS or even in Window OS. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ offers the quickest solution without any obstacles or safety issues. It also works with lightning-fast speed even when converting large Mail databases. The powerful data-computing algorithms of the tool retains all the original hierarchy, structure, and subtle details of your email related data. You will never find any mismatch between the emails in Apple Mail and in PST files, including in the structure of folders, in their graphical components, metadata, or headers.

Try it out.

The free version converts ten emails per folder. But it gives full freedom in checking out its interface and other features and is not limited by time.

How to Export Mail to PST in Mac

Developed by USL Software, you also get a technical support team always a click away to help you migrate your data more seamlessly by resolving any setbacks or queries immediately.

emlx to eml converter

Convert EMLX to EML (Are you looking for it? Read This first)

Users want to migrate email data across clients when the data files are not compatible, converting the formats becomes the logical choice. For migrating Apple Mail mailboxes to Live Mail, many like to convert EMLX to EML, where the former is the raw data file for Apple Mail and the latter is for Live Mail in Windows.

Why converting EMLX to EML is not the Best Way

However, converting EMLX to EML is not the best way to migrate the mailboxes from Apple Mail client into Windows Live Mail. Below you will learn why and what better alternative there is.

  • Each EMLX file contains a single email message. So converting the entire database would be cumbersome.
  • EMLX file does not contain media and attachments. It is basically a text file. And the contents of which you can view using any text viewer. EMLXPART files stores the attachments . This makes migration even more difficult as you would need more than an EMLX to EML converter to migrate everything.
  • EMLX file format is not meant to be used for migration purposes. Most of the EMLX converter tools have poor algorithms that fail to delivery accurate results. You can see dozens of integrity flaws in you output files.
  • Other flaws with the software tools that convert EMLX to EML. Such as, no option to remove unwanted folders, bad interface design, no safety protocols for crucial emails, no dedicated mechanism for Unicode text in headers, and no technical support.

These are just couple of the reasons why converting EMLX to EML method is not preferred to transfer your Mac Mail mailboxes to Live Mail. Even if you are not migrating data but just want to keep the backup in more generic EML Format for future needs. Converting EMLX files is not the best the possible route you can take. Riddled with integrity flaws, confusing interfaces, no technical support, and poor algorithms – it is inefficient way of dealing with the job at hand.

Instead, go with “Mail Extractor Max.”

convert emlx to eml

Also read: EMLX to EML, Here is what to do!

Better Alternative than EMLX to EML Conversion for Mac Mail Migration

It is a Mac compatible application from USL Software. It does not convert EMLX to EML but features much better way of migration. Instead of asking users to load EMLX files manually, it can autoload your Apple Mail Profile/Identity database automatically. It also does not require MBOX files, which is what many tools do.

Click on ‘Autoload’ and choose your database. You are also free to choose any backup location. If it is not, then the default/primary database you are looking to convert.

This method removes all doubts and uncertainties and migrates data without any headaches. Not only is it quicker, it is also comprehensive and does not omit any data element. From your images to attachments, from Unicode text to headers, and everything in between, small, or large, every detail is converted with precision. It also retains the architecture of your database. It includes things like the folders arrangement, text formatting, order of nested emails, and the integrity of the headers’ info.


“Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac tool that works in 10.6 OS or higher. It is available to try for free by downloading its demo edition (link below). It also converts Apple Mail to appropriate email files for clients like Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook Mac, and the standard MBOX files too.

Download Now at

OLM to windows to PST Conversion | OLM to PST Converter Software

OLM to windows to PST Conversion

In the event that one tries to look into the present pattern of email conversion, he would say that it is all great and things are working fine after the introduction of third party email converters. Yet, everything has two sides and we expect you, as clients to know each side of a process that matters to practically every email client who manages email information and applications.

Outlook mac and Outlook for windows are two winning applications for email administration and organization, on the other hand, as technology advances, individuals get more mindful of their needs and tend to keep what is the best and dispose of the rest. This is additionally valid on account of email conversion.

Why did OLM to windows PST conversion start?

Following the coming of both the tools, the time distinction in their launch was one year, when Outlook for mac was out in 2011, outlook windows 2010 had officially settled its name and worth among clients. Also, being windows based, it was very available and savvy, while being usable by even the most widely recognized PC clients.

What the OLM outlook clients needed.

While then again, the outlook for mac client came a year late and was given over to mac outlook clients as some sort of compensation for what they requested. However, soon mac clients understood that mac outlook does not have the principle highlights which they fancied while comparing with the windows outlook application.

They looked to convert their OLM files to PST and shift their whole mailbox to windows outlook since mac outlook did not offer the essential prerequisite of PST files which had the biggest data storage limit and were more general like MBOX files. This is the principle motivation behind why clients began to find approaches to convert their OLM files to PST format.

No need for manual conversion

After individuals considered shifting OLM files to PST, they needed to manage the truth of the prospect. At to begin with, clients needed to convert OLM files to PST with manual strategy that required moving one document at a time. This was a vocation that just expert clients could do however that too with no confirmation. This brought about infrequent data misfortune and file debasement which annoyed a ton of clients and made email conversion an unnerving prospect for a client who didn’t have a top of the line budget or proficient help. So there came a requirement for a device which could do it for a client lastly to end all the inconvenience for the last time.

OLM to windows PST conversion Tool

The OLM to PST converter pro came after everything failed and as the friend in need for a large number of lost mac clients who had no involvement with the email transformation process and made their lives simpler so as to demand a streamlined arrangement that all clients could manage the cost of and work with.

The OLM to PST converter tool is the first expert tool that gives to the regular mac client who doesn’t have specialized information and makes it workable for all clients to move their files like pros and without the past high cost of data loss and cash.

Attempt it for free

The OLM to PST converter pro is currently accessible in a free form so you can find its actual worth. Try not to miss the chance of having creative email change in your grasp and appreciate the power of thorough email conversion. Attempt it today and feel the difference.

Convert EML file to PST for Microsoft Outlook | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert EML file to PST for Microsoft Outlook

Migrating from EML file to PST (Microsoft Outlook) is super easy with Mail Passport Pro or Mail Passport Lite.

Mail Passport Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML to PST for Microsoft Outlook.

Mail Passport Lite – Convert MBOX & EML file to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook.

Read More: or


Convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 (PST data file) | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 (PST data file)

To convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 supported PST file format, try Mail Passport Pro. It is an email converter tool to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX & EML file format to PST file for Microsoft Outlook.

Try Now:


Convert Outlook for Mac to PST | OLM to PST Converter Software

Convert Outlook for Mac to PST

Can you imagine a life where you have no freedom? Can you imagine having just one computer with one type of email and not being able to change it whenever you want?

So many people find themselves stuck in situations like being unable to shift their computers because of their email conversion problems. And the most common problem that they find is not knowing how to convert outlook for Mac to PST.

Why don’t users know how to convert outlook for Mac to PST?

Since a long time, mac users have been worried about the dangers of email migration but they forget that it was the manual process which was dangerous for database conversion not third party email conversion that is prevalent currently.

How is it like to convert Outlook for Mac to PST?

The thing about third party email converters is that they are specially designed to convert Outlook for mac to PST for Window Outlook. You don’t have to convert one file at a time and the level of safety is of course higher than the previously dreaded manual conversion that was a work of only expert users.

Then why isn’t everyone converting their outlook for Mac to PST?

It is true that the OLM to PST conversion has become simpler since the advent of email migration tools but there still remains a huge gap into which a lot of users have been falling since it began. Most of the third party tools claim to convert outlook for mac to PST but without any true assurance of quality. This lack of quality is the biggest gap that many users fear who want to convert outlook for mac to PST with safety but are too afraid of the dangers of data loss and database corruption that these mediocre tools bring.

How to safely shift Outlook for Mac to PST with high quality results?

So far there are very few of the devices which are capable of providing safe and precise Outlook for mac to PST conversion and most of these devices are either too technical or out of budget. However, there is a tool which beats the odds and provides safe and effective Outlook for mac to PST conversion.

The OLM to PST Converter Tool is a first among the classes of professional tools which can provide safe yet affordable Outlook for mac to PST email conversion. It is a certified OLM to PST converter specially designed by Gladwev Software who have created this tool in order to serve millions of common mac users who had been hopelessly looking for better and reliable ways to convert their outlook for Mac emails to PST format for Windows outlook.

Some of the best features of the OLM to PST Converter Pro are listed below:

  • It is installed within seconds
  • It can be set up for use immediately
  • It comes with the assistance of a helpful wizard
  • It is the fastest way to convert Outlook for mac to PST format
  • It promises 100% safety of the user’s email data
  • It guarantees 100% accurate conversion results
  • It preserves all attachments and related email data
  • It works on mac directly
  • No need to create OLM archives, automatic scanning
  • Bulk convert mode for larger files
  • 24*7 friendly support
  • Free updates for life

You can now try the free demo version of the OLM to PST converter and make sure it performs according to your expectations before spending any real money on it. If you feel that it is worthy enough, you can go ahead and get the full affordable version.

For more details: 

Converting OLM files in PST format | OLM to PST Converter Software

Converting OLM files in PST format

Have you thought what it is it like to have an tool which will let you export OLM files in PST format at whatever point you needed and that too without making any efforts?

Practically every mac client has at one time or the other, felt the fear of file misfortune or document defilement because of the old technique for manual transformation of OLM files in PST format. So on the off chance that you have also pondered about changing over your OLM files in PST format, you ought to continue reading.

This article is about the extremely well known yet befuddling procedure of converting OLM files in PST format.

Whenever a typical mac user scans for an email converter to export his outlook for mac messages to PST format for outlook he searches for some additional things that may give him leverage over different tools that are for the most part the same and give just the same old thing.

A portion of the things to search for in your own OLM to PST converter device are talked about beneath


Because of a deficiency of time, most clients are seen to select tools that guarantee faster results. So it is imperative that the device which you are picking ought to be sufficiently quick to make changes rapidly so you don’t need to import OLM files in PST format over a matter of a longer period of time.


Another critical thing about email conversion is its deal with exactness in results. Unless your results are absolutely exact, there is no reason for keeping the device. So ensure that you have quite the right tool and that’s it.

Surety of files security

The best tools dependably have some kind of security certification. It is extremely useful to have an instrument which can give you an insurance that your files will be protected amid and after change. So on the off chance that you discover a device that can give this sort of affirmation, it would be great.


A perfect email converter ought to be anything but difficult to use. The best email converter would have the capacity to export OLM files in PST format in the least demanding way that could be available. So a streamlined tool ought to dependably prove to be useful.

Great backing/support

There is no perfect work without legitimate support. So a perfect OLM to PST conversion device ought to be supported by a support group that can deal with any incidents or issues that a client may confront.

Reasonable cost

The main issue with expert email converters has been their cost. So in an impeccable situation, an email converter instrument ought to fit within the financial backing scope of a typical client.

So these were the things to search for in a perfect OLM to PST converter which you can use to export OLM files in PST format.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to do the diligent work, there is an tool which satisfies all the above said classifications, it is known as the OLM to PST converter pro by Gladwev software and is an expert instrument uniquely intended to shift OLM files in PST format without taking a chance with the client’s email documents. Make sure you try its free demo version before purchasing it.

How OLM to PST Converter Tool Easily Migrate your Mail Database ? | OLM to PST Converter Software

How OLM to PST Converter Tool Easily Migrate your Mail Database ?

A simple, effective and affordable tool to help people convert their OLM files to PST format pleasantly. The tool goes by the name of OLM to PST Converter Tool. It has everything this task needs, from the latest technology to the most prominent features. Both Mac and Windows OS compatible, the tool has been designed specifically to make the task simple and easy for customers.

OLM to PST Converter Tool

The advantages of using OLM to PST Converter are as follows:

Safety of Outlook for Mac database — OLM to PST Converter’s amazing processing relieves customers Outlook for Mac database of any OLM to PST Conversion problems. The database is never burdened amid the procession in any way and converted to PST format in the safest way possible.

Easiness of converting OLM files to PST format in your own OS — The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, the email clients of both of which are involved in this process. As, OLM files, which are to be converted to PST format are Mac OS compatible thus, it was always a dream to be able to convert them to PST format in Mac only. But the process was not easy before the inception of OLM to PST Converter and customers had to convert their OLM files in Windows OS only which made it compulsory to carry the whole database to other Windows OS. But OLM to PST Converter has changed that all now. Now OLM to PST Converter can convert OLM files to PST format in Mac OS only. This has not just simplified but direct the process in unimaginable ways.

Completion of OLM to PST Conversion — The task can be daunting and too sophisticated for even the best of OLM to PST Conversion tools. However because of solid structural framework of OLM to PST Converter, it never fails to include every content of Outlook for Mac database in its fold. The tool take care of conversion of every content in Outlook for Mac, be it text, attachments or even Unicode data content.

Organisation of the converted files and folder — OLM to PST Converter preserves the original folder hierarchy which helps in not just providing the converted database an organised structure but also paves the easiest way for customers to access their converted database. OLM to PST Converter is best known for easing customers’ post conversion phase and it is this feature which help it in establishing this ease.

Free trial version — Try OLM to PST free trial version for converting your mail database. It provides customers top freely inspect the tool at the rate of 10 mails per folder. This opportunity helps customers in getting to know the tool in the most amazing way.

Download Now and try a free trial version !

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