Refined Approach for Thunderbird Mail to Outlook – Leaving Behind the Outdated Ways!

Thunderbird Mail to Outlook Export

Thunderbird Mail to Outlook export requires additional efforts than most email migration tasks. This is due to the complete varying nature of the email clients and the files they used for storing emails. Moreover, they are both for different operating systems (Mac and Windows), adding to the complexity of the job.

Keep in mind that Thunderbird is also available for Windows, but here we are talking about exporting contents from Mac OS based Thunderbird to Windows based Outlook.

Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

You can manually try to get the data across them but it is often a recipe for disaster, mainly regarding the finer details in your files, such as subject line, To & from, time and date in email headers. Also including elements like the graphics in email bodies, non-textual attachment files, and much more.

All such components are difficult to handle and cleanly migrate.
If you wish to move Thunderbird Mail to Outlook without any missing components, it is essentially to use a dedicated software utility that can help you in ways that do not dwell with complications and unnecessary hurdles. However, many of these dedicated software tools are not competent or complete with essential features for your objective.

The outdated methods for dealing with data files manually can lead to troubling results. It is also very time consuming, which is often the most frustrating aspect of any data migration projects.

Best Way to Migrate Thunderbird mail to Outlook

Therefore, “Mail Extractor Pro” is now here to give you compete and yet simple mode of data conversion that does not leave data losses or alter the original structure.

Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is built to convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to Mac & Windows Outlook supported PST File format.

Main reason how it gets rid of the usual problems is by bypassing the need for loading any sort of data files manually. In fact, there are very few manually required inputs or configuration settings. Simply click the ‘Autoload’ next to the Thunderbird’s option and get your main profile database ready for the processing.

This eliminates not just the human errors that are frequent when manually migrating data but also enhances the performance and accuracy. “Mail Extractor Pro” delivers the quickest result of all the other available tools and solutions and is also the most accurate.

If you are concerned about the details in your Thunderbird Mails like headers, graphics, attachments, and anything else – do not be! With this software, you get an excellent and radical ways of processing the contents that is truly unmatched. There are precise and dedicated mechanism at play here for securing the information in your files during conversion. This involves all intricate and often trickier parts of the database such as Unicode characters in email headers, the arrangement of your folders, read/unread status, and graphical data inside the main bodies of your emails.

It is time to bid your goodbyes to the old, outdated, and sloppy methods that do not work for all kinds of complex databases, if at all.

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Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

Grab the trial setup file and you can see every feature in more detail and how they relate to the type of exporting goals you have for Thunderbird Mail to Outlook.