Export Thunderbird to Office 365

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Since the advent of digitization, there are a lot of technical innovations that have come to the fore. Everything is done on the internet, from shopping groceries to gadgets, from booking movie tickets to flight tickets, etc. There are infinitely many apps and these keep coming in and going out on a daily basis. Nothing is permanent and that’s the accepted way of life these days. Despite this established dynamic however, emails are the one thing that have managed to maintain their significance all through this time.

Thunderbird Export to Office 365

Emails have been a standard mode of communication, personal and professional, for a good 4 plus decades now. As such, their users are manifold and so are the operations associated with the usage of these mails. Email migrations, a relatively recent concept, can be considered as the little impact of digitization on the email world. Thunderbird export to Office 365 is one such outcome that is quite evident in the market today. We would go about understanding the most effective way of achieving Thunderbird export to Office 365 with the use of Mail Extractor Pro.

Thunderbird Export to Office 365

The Best Tool for Thunderbird Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is a Thunderbird to Outlook converter that would make you understand the true meaning of perfect Thunderbird export to Office 365 results. It is the paradigm of the ideal results that must be expected from a Mozilla Thunderbird export to PST job. Without further delay, here are the highlights of the results that come out of the usage of this tool:


The files that come out of a Thunderbird export to Office 365 job, when using Mail Extractor Pro, are magical. They are complete in every respect. Whether it is the components like contacts, calendars, attachments, etc. or like nested messages, MIME folders, Cloud attachments, etc., this tool converts everything in the same manner. The final files are an absolute treat to the eyes. One can never deduce the difference between the original and recreated ones with naked eyes. That is the level of perfection achieved by this tool in Thunderbird export to Office 365 job!


When Mail Extractor Pro is put to the Thunderbird to Office 365 job, it picks up delicate details and converts them to make them reflect in the resultant files. This included even the non-English content. Languages such as Chinese, Korean, etc. that make use of double-byte characters can also be transformed by this tool.


Other than transporting every speck of data in a Thunderbird Mail to Outlook conversion process, this tool would take great pain in maintaining the folder hierarchy structure too.

Such are the benefits of using Mail Extractor Pro for Thunderbird export to Office 365 job! If there are still any doubts in your mind, then go ahead and test the credibility of whatever has been shared with you by far. Then decide for yourself as to why Mail Extractor Pro is the best tool for the job.