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Well if you have been looking for answers for how to open ost in outlookor something to similar to it. Then you are at the right place. As we move ahead with this article we will be answering all these questions for you. So keep reading.

Why do you need “OST recovery”?

An OST file is an offline file that is used by the windows Outlook to save all the files that are not uploaded to the server. This gives the freedom to the users using the Windows Outlook to work offline even when they do not have an internet connection. Also, not only this but the back up of all your emails is also kept in the OST format so that you can use them as and when needed. If you try and delete this backup file still the Outlook will create another backup OST file for the backup purpose.

This was all about the OST file. But one of the important things about the OST files is that they are the offline files and cannot be used by the users directly. That is, the user needs to convert the file in OST to PST file so that they can make use of the data.

Data Recovery

Now this conversion cannot be done manually, hence you need a tool that can help you with the recovery and the conversion of the data. Many of the tools available in the market provide with the recovery of the data. But the main issue with all such tools is that they do not provide 100% data recovery.

Now when we talk about 100% data recovery it means that the data that is present in the OST format is not usable by the users when recovered in the PST format. The data is either in the metadata format which is useless for the users or the data that is recovered is in the Unicode format.

A data that is not fully readable by the user is more or less useless. Also, the tools available in the market do not address the issue of the recovery of not text data. The non-textual data can be your presentation files, can be your images or the audio and video clips. Hence a tool is needed that can help you in recovering data that is not only in the text format but also the data that is not in the text format.

OST Conversion Tool

One such conversion tool available in the market to help you with the recovery of OST file is the OST Extractor Pro. It is an amazing tool that is designed for the home users and also for the professionals.  The user interface is so simple to use that it makes it easy for the home users that are using the software for the very first time. No prior technical knowledge is needed to use the OST Extractor Pro.

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OST recovery

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