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Quickly Recover OST files using the trial version of OST Extractor Pro.

Try OST Extractor Pro to recover ost files and it works on both Mac Windows OS.

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Recover OST files with Ease

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How the files are recovered by OST Extractor Pro?

You are aware of the OST file and its limitation. But let me briefly describe what these files are. OST files work offline and helps users to work when there is limited internet connectivity but they cannot be imported to the online servers directly due to their properties. OST files can’t be used by email clients directly.

To recover or repair the data in the OST files, we need to convert them in PST format or any other format according to the requirement. The whole process becomes really simple once the files are converted to PST format. OST Extractor Pro recover, repair and convert the files into the required format. It also helps in exporting the files to the online servers.

Trial version helps in recovering the files for free.

Trial version can convert ten items within each folder. So you can test the functionalities of the tool very easily. The UI is very friendly and advanced. The user finds really comfortable working with the tool.

Everything is mentioned on the help property of the tool. User has to follow the instruction and convert the files. Only few steps are required to be followed.

Tool accepts everything in the input file:

The data can be in any format. Tool accepts all the languages like Hindi, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It accepts all the file formats. Attachments like images, videos, notes etc. is easily converted by OST Extractor Pro. It has such a wide range of input formats that everything that goes inside the tool is recovered.

OST Extractor Pro supports many output formats:

Tool helps in converting the OST files to different formats like:

  1. PST
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Postbox
  4. Thunderbird
  5. EML

recover ost files

The process is very fast:

The tool converts the data in no time. It converts XGBs of file in couple of minutes. The process is so fast that files with small size are converted within seconds.

OST Extractor Pro leaves nothing behind:

Everything is recovered from the files. It gives you 100% recovery guarantee. No matter how big and complex the file is, tool takes care of everything and gives 100% accurate result. Damaged files and password protected files are also recovered with the help of the tool.

Hurry up and download the tool.

You can try the trial version anytime. There is no sign up required, no configuration required. Just download it from the page and start using it. No cost required to use the trial version. Test all the functionalities and then download the full version of the software.

For the full version of the software you can download it from the link below:

For windows & Mac: