Move Data Effective from Clients Supporting EML files to Windows or Mac Outlook by Converting EML to PST

Moving EML files to Mac or Window Outlook

Outlook is one of the finest email programs out there, which is available for both Windows and Mac users. However, it has one limitation that makes importing data from other formats that are not difficult.

Outlook uses its own proprietary file format to import, export, backup, archive, and other operations with the data. To get the data imported from other clients not Outlook. One will have to face a few problems that may be too big for many users, beginners or otherwise.

In this post, we are talking about importing data from EML to PST files for Outlook Mac and Windows.

EML is a native format used in Windows Live Mail. It’s been since standard for storing email messages. EML format is used in many clients and programs, but sadly, not Outlook. Outlook uses its own proprietary format in Windows called PST and OLM in Mac. But the good thing about PST is that it is also able to import data to Mac Outlook.

To get all your data from EML to Outlook, you have to first convert EML to PST.

There are other manual ways too. Syncing data to a server using your Live Mail or other client that supports EML format. Therefore again syncing it back to Outlook from the servers.

But manual solutions like these are not worth your time. As they take too long and are not always precise in getting everything from the files and are hard to execute. Most users can compromise with few of the shortcomings of the manual methods, but it’s hard to accept the loss in data.

The one and only solution most would recommend is convert EML to PST.

But it’s not that simple to just change the files from *.eml to *.pst extensions. You are going to need some third-party solutions to do so.

The ordinary EML to PST converters do not reach to every part of your files, to the furthest corners. Which leads the failure to get the precision in output data that users need. There are lots of tiny details associated with emails that are important but are not processed by most file conversion utilities. The trickiest are images, attachments, the structure of folders, metadata, headers, MIME formatted data, and Unicode text. If you have tried the common EML to PST converters, you would find these elements in your database not correctly moved or converted. You will find broken empty areas where images were, the text characters in other languages like Chinese (using DBCS standard) do not appear correctly or at all, and other similar quite frustrating gaps in data integrity.

To deal with this problem, Gladwev Software came up with a professional Windows based tool, called “Mail Passport Pro”, which can be effective in both large-scale projects involving data migration and small scale. So, whether you are a beginner who just wants to convert the personal emails from EML to PST Outlook or an IT professional who is handed the task of getting a large amount of data successfully moved without integrity damage, “Mail Passport Pro” is for you.

The developers at Gladwev Software built it from the scratch. The process the tool implements to target the information within the EML files is precise down to the tiniest byte of information. So, you will not face any missing images, attachments, or anything that is not converted with regular EML to PST conversion tools.

Convert EML to PST

Mail Passport Pro” is built to remove any other problems that you face during email migration, like not being able to convert more than one file at a time without crashing the tool, not being able to customize output PST files (like controlling the size and splitting large files), and not being able to understand the user-interface intuitively. All these limitations of a non-professional tools are now gone with “Mail Passport Pro.”

In addition to that, the tool now brings much required feature to map the folders from EML to PST without changing their original location in the hierarchy. Imagine finding all the folders in a different structure and location than originally in EML files. That is what a large portion of ordinary EML to PST converters do; they do not map the folders in their correct order, making it a painful task for users to later arrange them or make sense of their data.

That is not a concern anymore.

You can easily convert EML to PST in no time, get all the data elements moved securely, and be done with an otherwise challenging process without efforts.

The tech support of Gladwev Software adds that final missing link that could make an otherwise decent software solution inept. The 24 x 7 available support team will get you out of any situation you feel wedged in and not able to get out on your own. There are cases where some unique cases of users’ databases might raise some queries in them, and then, a team of experts backing you up is a priceless feature. That is what makes “Mail Passport Pro” a complete package of tool and service from Gladwev Software, and not merely a file converter that you can find plenty online.

The free version converts ten items from each folder inside the EML Files, while the full version can convert unlimited files, folders, and everything inside them. The free version can let you check out all the features and the interface of the tool. Click the link below to download the setup file.

Mail Passport Pro:

Note that “Mail Passport Pro” is actually a full conversion utility for all email file formats and databases in Mac operating system to Outlook PST files. So, you can convert more than just EML to PST and also you can convert your Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird, Gmail, Postbox, Entourage database, and even standard MBOX files.