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Import OST to Thunderbird for Mac and Windows Without any data loss!

Import OST to Thunderbird with traditional ways end with tragic results with severe data loss. And with emails, even a minor missing component could be crucial for a user. Here is how you sidestep it and get perfectly safe and completely converted data.

Import OST to Thunderbird Mac / Win

Taking into account the fact you are already reading this post. It is safe to assume you know OST files do not natively support Thunderbird. Putting simply: you cannot import OST to Thunderbird directly. Which leads to file conversion. Which further leads to third-party file converters. Again Which again often leads to tragic results and endless frustration.

The Challenges

The most significant source of frustration is the fragmented output files through typical OST to Thunderbird converters, meaning, not complete migration of all the components from the files.

It is not possible to thoroughly look for these missing parts in converted Thunderbird files and then use the converter again hoping to get accurate output the next time. Many people find out way too late that some of the attachments were not converted, or that the images came out broken, or attachments are damaged, or one of the myriads of similar data errors.

The second significant source of frustration while importing OST to Thunderbird comes from the software apps interfaces, which are not at all built for friendly and interactive approach. The cluttered and disorganized UI can worsen the process and make things endlessly more tiring and confusing. If you are moving OST files into Thunderbird client for the first time, you may find most of these converting apps to be downer. They drag on the procedure for too long. And they make any sort of practical results an overwhelming job for basic users.

Even the more advanced users with some technical skills on migration find many data importing apps to be limited and non-functional in majority of the scenarios. Not only are they inefficient and impractical, many also lack options that are essential for migration of large databases.

If all that sounds too intimidating, it is because that’s usually the case.

So, how can you avoid all the tragic data loss that will assume to be the part of the “package” while importing OST to Thunderbird? And how can you not get involved in overly complicated OST to Thunderbird migration tools with terrible interfaces?

The Best tool to Import OST to Thunderbird

USL Software is behind the development of the app and they have done a marvelous job refining the standard data-conversion mechanics and introducing some of their own cutting-edge algorithms.

‘OST Extractor Pro’ makes use of the powerful inner-logic. It runs on multiple layers and targets every part of the files with an unparalleled precision, outputting data 100% free of flaws and gaps. What you get is what you put, except in the format for Thunderbird. This includes merely the data like emails and attachments. And also the meta-information about the structure and details of all that data. Such as folder-hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, text formatting, and so on.

import ost to thunderbird

Moving on to the interface of the tool, you can immediately notice the change from the ordinary apps. Here, you get a very simple, single graphical-UI screen. It also contains all the essential options, culminating into a fully intuitive way of converting and importing OST to Thunderbird. And that is an extraordinary feast by USL Software in the context of email migration. Tools for file conversion barely get functionality or the simplicity right. And none has ever gotten both the software elements right. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has!

It works on all levels, for all skill-sets. In a home for a standard OST file, or an immense IT department for a corporation with massive and multiple OST files. Whichever category you fall into, you will find the tool will exactly the right fit.

It can also convert your OST to PST, Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX, EML etc file format.

Get it to import ost to Thunderbird

‘OST Extractor Pro’ finally brings an end to the dissatisfaction caused by generic and often inoperable data-import apps.

importing ost to thunderbird

You can confirm all that through the freely available version offered by USL for trial. Get it today to import OST to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox as well as Outlook for Mac & Win.