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How to Export Outlook to Live Mail Without Disrupting the Structure of the Database?

Want to migrate your data but are worried if you can do it successfully, accurate, and within the time you need to? Don’t worry. Here is who you can export Outlook to Live Mail in a manner that doesn’t disrupt the metadata and the structure of your files and folders.

Outlook to Live Mail Migration Tool

The way to go about it is with the help of “PST Extractor Pro,” the only tool that guarantees data migration in a secure way and ensures all of your items remain in their original form and hierarchy.

Here are some examples of errors that are mostly reported while exporting Outlook to Live Mail:

  • The folders hierarchy is disrupted. The way you have arranged your folders is one of the most common things that gets upset and disordered while migrating them to other formats, like EML file for Windows Live Mail
  • Conversational style emails: emails that form a part of a chain are called conversational style emails and those are often displayed in a tree-like structure in most email clients. But when you convert your data (like Outlook PST to Live Mail EML files), those emails and their structure gets broken. This can severely modify the original essence of the database and can make the data management much trickier later on.
  • Another example of unwanted data modification is the loss of the status of unread emails and their conversion to read emails automatically. This is not only frustrating but can also be frightening and risky to several users. Most email migration converters for Outlook to Live Mail struggle to keep the unread emails as such.

Safe, Secure and Accurate Conversion

There are plenty of other examples of how data can change and alter after conversion, especially during Outlook Windows to Live Mail migration. Unfortunately, most of the third-party utilities for this job do not offer adequate protection for kinds of data we discussed above, making them highly unsafe and precarious for users with sensitive data in their files. Even a slight error somewhere in your email database could mean losing a very important piece of your work, even permanently.

This is why we suggest treading carefully whenever dealing with email files or when moving email database to other platforms, such as Outlook to Live Mail.

One of the best ways to not face such dire consequences in the form of data loss is to get a tool that is designed to keep your data intact, in every shape and form. One of such tools that guaranteed a complete and precise migration is called ‘PST Extractor Pro.’ It is developed by USL Software and has all the smart ways to protect the information during the conversion phase.

It keeps all the folders in their hierarchy, converts metadata, headers, images, and other items with precision, supports Unicode conversion as well, doesn’t disrupt the conversational style emails (nested emails), and also keeps unread emails exactly the same.

Get it to export Outlook to Live Mail

To sum it all up, “PST Extractor Pro” is one of the most accurate way to move your Outlook data into Windows Live Mail. It works by converting PST to EML files where PST is a native file for Outlook Windows and EML is native file for Windows Live Mail (but can also be used in other platforms too).

It can be used in a free evaluation mode, which you can download below.

Try here:

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