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Free MBOX to Outlook Converter – Find Out What All Challenges You Could Face & What to Do About Them!

Looking for free MBOX to Outlook converter? You should read this article and find out what are all the challenges you could face and what to do about them.

MBOX to Outlook converters have the task of Importing MBOX to Outlook into PST files, where PST is a format for Outlook and MBOX is a generic file many email clients support. Most commonly, MBOX is associated with Mac Mail and Mac based email clients but also Google offers users to download their data in a file with MBOX extension.

If you too downloaded your data from Google services like Blogger or Gmail, you must have those data in an MBOX file. Now, if you are a Windows Outlook user, you cannot just import MBOX into Outlook as it is not a supported format. Only PST (short for ‘Personal Storage Table’) can be imported into Windows Outlook.

And this is where a good, professional MBOX to Outlook converter can help you with that.

Most often, the free MBOX to PST converters have a terrible interface that can make the task painful, if you know the background terms associated with email migration. The improper implementation of UI elements makes it confusing and daunting and sometimes undoable for basic home users.

Another major setback with free and ordinary MBOX to Outlook PST converters is how they are set up to extract contents. No matter where you have got your MBOX file from, it certainly contains complex and intricated informational items, like headers, Unicode text, and more. All these items can be tough for sloppy algorithms to detect and convert. And that’s who most converters are built – sloppily, without any consideration to the important and complex information they could be storing.

Thirdly, free MBOX to PST converters don’t have any controls/options that you can use to personalize the output files according to your needs. Suppose, you have a massive sized MBOX file, which would in turn make the output PST file too big as well. Large PST files can be hard to import to Outlook, and free converters don’t allow any workaround this major complication.

Not to mention that most free tools are not really free but are loaded with malware, adware, and other risky additional stuff. They have no support of any kind and are often from unknown sources. Their interfaces are filled with ads and unwanted applications that you cannot avoid.

All in all, it’s a bad choice to go with free MBOX to PST Outlook converter, no matter how enticing it may sound. Even if you have a small set of folders in MBOX that you want to import to Outlook or to PST, you are well off by not choosing a free conversion utility.

You could try the manual approach (based on an IMAP email account that could sync the data back from the servers to the local client). If you are in mood of giving too many hours and will be okay with few integrity errors, manual approach can be for you. But considering you are on this page, you are the kind of person that is not gonna be happy with the errors and all the nuisances that can easily be avoided by professional tools.

If that makes sense to you and you agree with that, you will find “Mail Passport Pro” wonderful for your needs. It’s actually a complete solution to convert all popular file formats based on Mac email clients (like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, etc.) and files like MBOX and EML to PST files.

Mail Passport Pro

Along with that,One can easily Import MBOX to Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2011 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 & Office 365 for both Mac and Window Outlook easily. It also comes with plenty of features to control the output according to your needs, with advanced logic to convert each and every element inside the MBOX files, with an intuitive and interactive interface, and a 24 x 7 customer support.

You can download the free trial version to see it for yourself.

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