Convert OST to PST – Frequently asked questions

How to convert OST to PST is one of the questions that most of the users are dwelling the internet to find the answers to. It is but obvious that when it comes to converting and recovering your lost data from the OST files into PST format it is but obvious that the uses might be having many questions regarding the same.

This article is going to help you in finding answers to most of the questions asked by the users on the Internet. These are also the questions one must look out for before making the purchase.

OST to PST converter FAQ

What all can the OST Extractor Pro convert files into?

The developers of the OST Extractor Pro worked really hard in finding solutions that could not only convert the OST file to PST. But a tool that could help the users in converting OST to PST, Thunderbird, post box, Mbox, EML, Apple mail archive etc. The software will work fluently and efficiently by converting your data without jumps and hoops.

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Can the software be used by professionals?

While developing the software the company focused not only on helping the individuals but also to help the professionals in the IT sector. It came up with multiple plans where the individual could use the software according to their use at minimal prices. Not only this but the professionals who are working up to 50 clients or the professionals who are having more than a hundred users could also make use of this software by purchasing higher packages of the software.

What all files generated sources does the OST Extractor Pro support?

The OST Extractor Pro supports all the files that stores in the windows Outlook. Other than this it also helps in supporting other formats other than Outlook files. The other extensions that it happily deals with are Office 365 Outlook subscription, Outlook versions from 97 to 2017, and last but not the least ANSI OST Files. Not only this, but it also allows to install all the PST files without any efforts in Windows and Mac.

Does it take multiple output options?

Yes OST Extractor Pro is well functions in this format and platform also. The software was made after must research and survey of what the market was actually looking for and what the other OST to PST extractor tools were missing out on. The OST Extractor Pro supports the output formats like Mbox files, EML files, Apple mail archive files, Thunderbird files, and post box files.

Can it handle large PST files

Yes, OST Extractor Pro gently extracts and imports all the PST files with ease. If found that the PST files are big to handle it will automatically split the large PST files into multiple segments so that the efficiency of the software remains the same.

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Through this article, most of the questions asked by the users must be answered well and will also tell how efficient the OST Extractor Pro software is. Hence if you wish to convert OST to PST for Outlook for Mac & Windows you must download this software now.