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Convert EMLX to EML (Are you looking for it? Read This first)

Users want to migrate email data across clients when the data files are not compatible, converting the formats becomes the logical choice. For migrating Apple Mail mailboxes to Live Mail, many like to convert EMLX to EML, where the former is the raw data file for Apple Mail and the latter is for Live Mail in Windows.

Why converting EMLX to EML is not the Best Way

However, converting EMLX to EML is not the best way to migrate the mailboxes from Apple Mail client into Windows Live Mail. Below you will learn why and what better alternative there is.

  • Each EMLX file contains a single email message. So converting the entire database would be cumbersome.
  • EMLX file does not contain media and attachments. It is basically a text file. And the contents of which you can view using any text viewer. EMLXPART files stores the attachments . This makes migration even more difficult as you would need more than an EMLX to EML converter to migrate everything.
  • EMLX file format is not meant to be used for migration purposes. Most of the EMLX converter tools have poor algorithms that fail to delivery accurate results. You can see dozens of integrity flaws in you output files.
  • Other flaws with the software tools that convert EMLX to EML. Such as, no option to remove unwanted folders, bad interface design, no safety protocols for crucial emails, no dedicated mechanism for Unicode text in headers, and no technical support.

These are just couple of the reasons why converting EMLX to EML method is not preferred to transfer your Mac Mail mailboxes to Live Mail. Even if you are not migrating data but just want to keep the backup in more generic EML Format for future needs. Converting EMLX files is not the best the possible route you can take. Riddled with integrity flaws, confusing interfaces, no technical support, and poor algorithms – it is inefficient way of dealing with the job at hand.

Instead, go with “Mail Extractor Max.”

convert emlx to eml

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Better Alternative than EMLX to EML Conversion for Mac Mail Migration

It is a Mac compatible application from USL Software. It does not convert EMLX to EML but features much better way of migration. Instead of asking users to load EMLX files manually, it can autoload your Apple Mail Profile/Identity database automatically. It also does not require MBOX files, which is what many tools do.

Click on ‘Autoload’ and choose your database. You are also free to choose any backup location. If it is not, then the default/primary database you are looking to convert.

This method removes all doubts and uncertainties and migrates data without any headaches. Not only is it quicker, it is also comprehensive and does not omit any data element. From your images to attachments, from Unicode text to headers, and everything in between, small, or large, every detail is converted with precision. It also retains the architecture of your database. It includes things like the folders arrangement, text formatting, order of nested emails, and the integrity of the headers’ info.


“Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac tool that works in 10.6 OS or higher. It is available to try for free by downloading its demo edition (link below). It also converts Apple Mail to appropriate email files for clients like Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook Mac, and the standard MBOX files too.

Download Now at www.mailextractormax.com.

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