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Convert EML to PST Free Software – Find Out What Makes This Software Tool the Best for This Task!

convert eml to pst free

Have you ever tried moving data from one location to another, especially if the original format is not compatible with the new one? If you have, you would have seen the difficulties involved in any such task of moving the data. But when it comes to email data migration, it can get even more complicated. One such task involves converting EML to PST files using third-party free software or even paid ones.

Convert EML to PST With Ease

But first, let us clear away few things about email migration and about converting EML to PST in specific:

  • You cannot move your data from Live Mail to Outlook manually
  • You cannot convert EML to PST manually, such as, merely renaming the files
  • Most email file converters do not convert all the details from the files
  • Most email file converters have very poor user-interface, which can be tricky for even experts to navigate around and use it for converting their files

This is why the only way to convert EML to PST and to move your data from Windows Live Mail to Windows Outlook is through a professional and properly developed application.

The tool that you need

Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software meets that criteria perfectly well. Everything that you need to move your emails and email-related data, this tool has all that and more. From simple interface to correctly converting all complex items – you will not find any error or issue while using it to convert EML to PST.

convert eml to pst

USL Software developed the tool from the grounds up, in order to eliminate all the usual complications that many have to face in tasks like these. The algorithms that process the items like headers, Unicode text, images, folder hierarchy, and more, have been meticulously developed to offer the cleanest and most accurate transfer of data possible.

Usually with the traditional tools, it is often noticed that many of the original structure of the database gets broken or corrupt. Certain items are also missed by tools without the accurate algorithms. But that is not the case with “Mail Extractor Pro.”

And there is also another highly appreciated feature of “Mail Extractor Pro” and that is its user-interface.

Most of the time, such email migration tasks like converting EML to PST files is reserved only for experts. This is mostly because of the very complicated user-interfaces of most of the EML to PST conversion software. But “Mail Extractor Pro” has finally brought a simple and balanced user interface that not only makes the job simpler and possible for beginners, but also does so without diluting its advanced nature. Even high-end users can get the most out of this tool and its unique features, and yet, it also remains perfectly useable by home users.

  • It is a Mac OS tool
  • It comes backed up by USL Software tech support 24 x 7
  • Several licensing options for several needs and scope
  • Supports Unicode text conversion

Convert EML to PST Free Software Trial

If you are interested, you can go ahead and try out the free version right now. As with every other USL Software, you can first get the trial version to confirm if it is the right fit for your needs.

convert eml to pst free software

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac tool to export Apple Mail to PST as well as from Thunderbird, and Postbox databases, but also standard MBOX and EML files to PST. And the output PST files can be used with both Windows and Mac version of Outlook.

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