Low cost Apple Mail to MBOX format conversion with this tool

Apple mail conversion is a rough job. To convert Apple mail to MBOX format you need a very competent and strong tool. The complexities of the task a very severe and one mistake can lead to complete destruction of a database. The only tools which provide safe haven for Apple mail’s conversion to other formats are very expensive. However, there is one tool which provides low cost but quality Apple mail to MBOX format conversion. This tool is called Mail Extractor Max by USL software.

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Benefits of using this Apple mail to MBOX conversion tool

This tool is a true value for money. It has been conceptualize with the primary aim of making customer experience of Apple mail conversion to other formats simple and joyful process. The tool achieves its primary purpose with features that are very well arranged. It also enhances customer’s satisfaction with its low priced licenses. Everyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge or financial support can use this tool to convert Apple mail to Thunderbird or Postbox easily.

convert apple mail to mbox

Let’s look at the way it helps in the conversion process

Simple conversion made possible

The tool has a very simple interface. This allows for easy and smooth conversion of Apple mail to MBOX files. Customers do not have to feel the complexities of the task at hand. The tool makes sure of that. The tool also enables customer to convert Apple mail with the help of its self-explanatory wizards.

Complete conversion guaranteed

This tool also makes it possible to have comprehensive transfer of Apple mail to MBOX format. The tool can convert not only texts but also embedded images, nested mails and attachments of any size or kind. This tool has enough support to also preserve text of any language. For complete and thorough conversion of Apple Mail files to MBOX files, there is no better tool.

Versatility redefined

This tool is a complete package you need for Apple mail to MBOX conversion. There will never be a time when you will feel that you need any other tool to convert Apple mail to MBOX or Postbox. This tool can convert Apple mail to MBOX format. It converts Apple mail to Outlook, Thunderbird and to Postbox.

Let’s see how this tool helps you financially

This tool has been made available in three licenses. This has been done to ensure that customers of any financial background enjoy the benefits of this tool.

The family license of the tool is priced at $49. It can be used by any five members of the family.

The commercial license of this tool is priced at $199. It can be used by a small enterprise or a technician’s group. This license enables small businesses to grow larger and extend their services.

Enterprise license of the tool has been offered at $ 599 only. This enables large corporations with multiple presences to convert their huge Apple mail database to any format they like.

Get a free trial for the best results

The most amazing benefit of this tool is that you can try the tool for free. This tool has a free trial version with which you can convert Apple mail to any format you like for any time you like.

Get your free trial at https://www.mailextractormax.com/

Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion

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