A tool that converts Apple Mail to PST and its usage related FAQs

Mail extractor pro, is a conversion tool that converts various kinds of Apple mailing data to PST. It is one of the best Apple mail to PST converters in the market. The use of this tool is on the rise and with the rising usage come a lot of queries as well. This FAQs list answers some usage related important questions which can come in handy in the need of hour.

apple mail to pst

FAQ for Converting Apple Mail to PST

Q1. Does it convert the data chronologically?

A1. The question has its root in the idea as to whether the converted data has a different order of organization or not. Well, you can relax as this tool smartly converts the data while maintaining its structure. It takes care of preserving folder hierarchy all through the conversion process. To sum up, the converted data is the exact replica of the original data, just in a different format.

Q2. What is the extent of data that it can convert?

A2. Cent percent data is converted when Mail Extractor Pro is doing the job. It is a comprehensive conversion tool that can convert every detail like attachments, to and from data, timestamps, read/unread status, etc.

Q3. What are the formats that this tool can convert?

A3. It is most widely used to convert Apple mail to PST. However, it can further convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to PST. The files that are converted from Apple mail to PST can be directly imported to Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook for further usage.

Q4. What if I get stuck during the conversion process?

A4. The answer is you wouldn’t as the tool is completely bug-free and doesn’t hang at all. You experience a smooth conversion which completes in an automated set-up. If you do get stuck at some point however, then there is a round the clock dedicated helpline for the users. They accommodate any kind of problem in the friendliest manner.

Q5. What will be the file size of the data?

A5. One of the great features that come associated with this Apple mail to PST converter is that you can split your large PST files. This means, that during the conversion process you can keep a check on the file size and can decide to split it up as per your requirements as well.

Q6. What is the difference in free and paid version?

A6. Mail Extractor Pro is an Apple mail to PST converter software that has been rolled out in two different versions. The paid full version has all the exciting features with an added benefit of free lifetime updates. There is a 24*7 dedicated customer care available for those seeking help relating to the use of this conversion tool. The second version is a free trial version. This version has all the features that are there in the full version. The only difference is that in trial version, one can convert only 10 files per folder in a conversion process. There is no such restriction in the full version.  For anyone interested, the links for both the versions can be found here.