Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Tool that supports conversion of the entire range of contents while Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird. One of the only few tools to offer data migration that leaves no trace of data loss and integrity compromise.

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Email files are complex. They no longer contain mere text but a whole range of complex elements, ranging from MIME headers, email attachments include cloud-based files, Unicode text, and more. This makes migration of data across email clients incredibly challenging. One of such migration tasks – migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird – is particularly tricky. Not just because of the data complexity but because of the lack of any common data file shared with both clients and also because of no proper professional solution, either officially by Mac or Mozilla or by any third parties.

Migrating Mac Mail to Thunderbird

But that is about to change. USL Software brings a powerful, simple, and accurate tool to get all your data elements from Mac Mail to Thunderbird. It has the sophisticated algorithms required to process data and outputs files with no traces of data loss or damage to the fidelity of information. This means whatever your database contains inside Mac Mail will be cleanly and precisely dealt with during conversion. It will extract every byte of information.

Many migration tools for Mac Mail to Thunderbird suffer from lack of adequate algorithms to handle the information the databases can contain. Here is a list of some of those elements that ordinary tools don’t convert. Leaving you with damaged integrity in output Thunderbird files.

Arrangement/order of your folders:

With the amount of emails being sent and received daily increasing, it’s become common to arrange all those emails into folders and those folders into sub-folders and so on. This arrangement of folders is called folder hierarchy and is acutely susceptible to loss and damage during migration.

Unicode text:

Unicode is a standard encoding system used for many languages and text characters. It includes UTF-8, UTF-16, DBCS, ASCII, and more. Many migration tools are incomplete with the support for Unicode text conversion, leading to missing text in output Thunderbird files.

Images or any graphical content:

Emails are filled with graphical content these days, ranging from photos to graphs, icons, logos, bars, charts, and more. Every official email contains at least some form of graphical information (as opposed to simply text) and this information is often partially converted by generic data migration tools. You will either find them altogether missing from output or are broken and modified.

MIME headers:

Email headers contain information like sender and receivers’ email addresses, Time and Date, CC, BCC, and more. At some point, MIME standard was introduced to format email headers that contain non-English characters, non-text attachments (media and application files), message bodies with multiple parts. And even though virtually every email today is formatted using MIME, you can still find many migration tools not fully supporting it, especially the headers.

If you want to migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird cleanly, you need to find a professional converter. That can take care of all these complex elements of the Mac Mail’s database. Luckily, there’s one that has full support for the conversion of the entire range of such data elements. It is “Mail Extractor Max”.

Migrating email databases can get quite exhausting, if you are not an expert. And even being an expert can sometimes get you in trouble, especially due to the data integrity loss, if you are not using a professional tool. “Mail Extractor Max” is that professional tool.

It has a friendly UI, useful features for controlling the output files, and a 24 x 7 customer support.

You can find the installer file here. You can give it a try through the completely free trial version.

recover ost file

Quickly Recover OST files using the trial version of OST Extractor Pro.

Try OST Extractor Pro to recover ost files and it works on both Mac Windows OS.

If you don’t wish to use the full version of the software immediately, use the trial version of the software now. It is available on https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

Recover OST files with Ease

It is the safest tool in the market.

How the files are recovered by OST Extractor Pro?

You are aware of the OST file and its limitation. But let me briefly describe what these files are. OST files work offline and helps users to work when there is limited internet connectivity but they cannot be imported to the online servers directly due to their properties. OST files can’t be used by email clients directly.

To recover or repair the data in the OST files, we need to convert them in PST format or any other format according to the requirement. The whole process becomes really simple once the files are converted to PST format. OST Extractor Pro recover, repair and convert the files into the required format. It also helps in exporting the files to the online servers.

Trial version helps in recovering the files for free.

Trial version can convert ten items within each folder. So you can test the functionalities of the tool very easily. The UI is very friendly and advanced. The user finds really comfortable working with the tool.

Everything is mentioned on the help property of the tool. User has to follow the instruction and convert the files. Only few steps are required to be followed.

Tool accepts everything in the input file:

The data can be in any format. Tool accepts all the languages like Hindi, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It accepts all the file formats. Attachments like images, videos, notes etc. is easily converted by OST Extractor Pro. It has such a wide range of input formats that everything that goes inside the tool is recovered.

OST Extractor Pro supports many output formats:

Tool helps in converting the OST files to different formats like:

  1. PST
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Postbox
  4. Thunderbird
  5. EML

recover ost files

The process is very fast:

The tool converts the data in no time. It converts XGBs of file in couple of minutes. The process is so fast that files with small size are converted within seconds.

OST Extractor Pro leaves nothing behind:

Everything is recovered from the files. It gives you 100% recovery guarantee. No matter how big and complex the file is, tool takes care of everything and gives 100% accurate result. Damaged files and password protected files are also recovered with the help of the tool.

Hurry up and download the tool.

You can try the trial version anytime. There is no sign up required, no configuration required. Just download it from the page and start using it. No cost required to use the trial version. Test all the functionalities and then download the full version of the software.

For the full version of the software you can download it from the link below:

For windows & Mac: https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst.

Convert OST to PST – Frequently asked questions

How to convert OST to PST is one of the questions that most of the users are dwelling the internet to find the answers to. It is but obvious that when it comes to converting and recovering your lost data from the OST files into PST format it is but obvious that the uses might be having many questions regarding the same.

This article is going to help you in finding answers to most of the questions asked by the users on the Internet. These are also the questions one must look out for before making the purchase.

OST to PST converter FAQ

What all can the OST Extractor Pro convert files into?

The developers of the OST Extractor Pro worked really hard in finding solutions that could not only convert the OST file to PST. But a tool that could help the users in converting OST to PST, Thunderbird, post box, Mbox, EML, Apple mail archive etc. The software will work fluently and efficiently by converting your data without jumps and hoops.

convert ost to pst

Can the software be used by professionals?

While developing the software the company focused not only on helping the individuals but also to help the professionals in the IT sector. It came up with multiple plans where the individual could use the software according to their use at minimal prices. Not only this but the professionals who are working up to 50 clients or the professionals who are having more than a hundred users could also make use of this software by purchasing higher packages of the software.

What all files generated sources does the OST Extractor Pro support?

The OST Extractor Pro supports all the files that stores in the windows Outlook. Other than this it also helps in supporting other formats other than Outlook files. The other extensions that it happily deals with are Office 365 Outlook subscription, Outlook versions from 97 to 2017, and last but not the least ANSI OST Files. Not only this, but it also allows to install all the PST files without any efforts in Windows and Mac.

Does it take multiple output options?

Yes OST Extractor Pro is well functions in this format and platform also. The software was made after must research and survey of what the market was actually looking for and what the other OST to PST extractor tools were missing out on. The OST Extractor Pro supports the output formats like Mbox files, EML files, Apple mail archive files, Thunderbird files, and post box files.

Can it handle large PST files

Yes, OST Extractor Pro gently extracts and imports all the PST files with ease. If found that the PST files are big to handle it will automatically split the large PST files into multiple segments so that the efficiency of the software remains the same.

Read More: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

ost to pst

Through this article, most of the questions asked by the users must be answered well and will also tell how efficient the OST Extractor Pro software is. Hence if you wish to convert OST to PST for Outlook for Mac & Windows you must download this software now.